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Internet Browsing

Sl. No. Course contents No of Class
01. Basic Knowledge of computer 1 Class
02. How to create a folder, data transforming, use FTP and other services to transfer and store data, open, close a web browsing application, enter a URL in the address bar and go to the URL, open a web page in a new tab new window. 2 Class
03. How to write-ms word, Unicode, Printing 1 Class
04. Describe the important features of the web and web browser software 1 Class
05. Use search engines and directories effectively, use mailing lists, newsgroups and news feeds. 2 Class
06. E-Mail ( create account, sending e-mail, sending attachments, replies to e-mail, ) 1 Class
07. Downloading and storing data 1 Class
08. Youtube, Facebook 1 Class
09. Installation (Browsing & Download software etc) 2 Class