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Outline in PHP & MySql Programing


Sl. No. Course contents No. of Class
01. Introduction to PHP, MySQL,Apache,XAMPP Installation. 2 Class
02. PHP Basic syntax, PHP data Types,PHP Variables,PHP Constans,PHP Expressions,PHP Operators,PHP Control Structures,PHP Loops. 4 Class
03. PHP Arrays, PHP Functions, PHP Forms 3 Class
04. PHP Session Handing, PHP Login Session, PHP Strings Handling 3 Class
05. MySQL Database,Connect Server, Connect Database, Database create,table create,Data Insert. 2 Class
06. Data Insert, Edit,Delete,view,PHP Paging 2 Class
07. Image upload, View, Update file read and write 1 Class
08. Sign – up, Logout, Edit password ,Recover password. 2 Class
09. PHP Super Admin panel. Work with Live C-panel project: Dynamic website 6 Class